The serie albeo consists of small lounge tables that are like a unique piece of jewelry in a room. Traditional craftsmanship coupled with a modern appeal bears the typical hallmark of the designer. The shape is an abstracted wooden stump with the surface of cross-grained wood which has been replicated from an old wooden board. The wooden grain of a board at least 100 years old was moulded and cast in metal. Various surface treatments of the brass cast, such as grinding, filing or polishing, result in an interesting contrast of materials and colour. Metal is a naturally porous material so variations and imperfections are part of the tables character making each one unique. Varying heights and the possibility to arrange the individual parts differently are an additional bonus. Because of its design it mixes well with any style.

albeo serie #I

albeo I+II brass
albeo I+II bronze

albeo serie #3

albeo VII bronze

albeo serie #2

albeo V bronze