The punto series demonstrates the evolution of surface structure to three- dimensionality. The metal plates used in punto products are perforated at seemingly random intervals resulting in a tantalising play of light and shadow. The light intensity, the viewing angle and placement of the item casts a two-dimensional form thick with the nuances of the solid counterpart’s inner structure and detail. Both solid form and shadow combine to a mesmerising effect.

The light show can be left to nature’s course, following the seasonal and daily changes in natural light, or may be choreographed to suit a particular mood and environment as part of a wider artistic concept. Either way, the punto is a unique and eye-catching work of art and design that fits harmoniously into a wide range of established and newly conceptualised styles.

The punto coffee tables are available as three-legged tables, 30 cm high with a diameter of 70 cm.


  • Client : Collection Irene Maria Ganser
  • Date : 2016
  • photographer : Philipp Kreidl