Opel Corsa

auto (mobile)

The title of the installation is called auto (mobile).

The installation shows the connection between the mobility of the car and the artpiece which exists of 200 “mobile pieces”). You are very “mobile and agile“ in town with a city car like the Opel Corsa 4300. The car runs (moves) on petrol, the “mobilepieces“ move in the wind. Both objects are moving and made out of metal.
The car represents for a lot of people a “piece of jewelry“, therefore the pieces are made out of silvershiny metal (most Opel Corsa buyers are female).
The pieces of jewelry have the form of written words, which represent the brandcharacter of the new Opel Corsa 4300 (like cool, sporty, zing, action, youth,…) and the Poellogo. All pieces are handfinished in contrast to the car which is a mass production, but both are valuable pieces you want to have.

The pieces are hanging on a transparent nylonstring so they are moving in the wind and the metal reflects in the sunlight. The installation is in the park in front of the castle and you can look at it from various angels of vision and it always looks different.


  • Client : Adam Opel AG Germany