Irene Maria Ganser


Irene Porträt gek2.

The designs of Irene Maria Ganser are not just there to be admired, they are also there to be touched. It is surprising how smooth and warm the solid metal surfaces of her furniture designs feel. The secret lies in the craftsmanship and high quality standards of this artist designer. Irene Maria Ganser insists on making the finishing touches to all of her pieces. Only when she is convinced with the result and all the details fall into place can her designs leave the workshop. “It is a wonderful feeling when a piece is right”, she says. Irene Maria Ganser creates works of art with a purpose. Her tables are like pieces of jewellery in a room, yet they are meant to be used everyday.
Her designs are exhibited in art galleries in Paris and Venice and at international design shows such as the Milano Salone Internazionale de Mobile. They are also in demand as exclusive pieces in selected furniture shops in Vienna, Paris, Stuttgart and Kitzbühel.
Growing up in Linz, Upper Austria, Irene Maria Ganser discovered her creative talent at a very young age. „It was always there“, she says. As a student she was drawn to the international design hubs. „I wanted to be at the source, at the starting point of it all“, says the designer. She went to Paris to study design and fashion and later moved to Milan where she graduated from the Marangoni Institute with a Masters degree in Fashion Design. She also studied Interior Architecture at the renowned Politecnico di Milano. Irene Maria Ganser started her design career at the Milanese studio Corso Como 10 founded by the New York artist Kris Ruhs. In this fabulous creative space she developed her passion and skills working with metal in the design areas of jewellery, sculpture, and art installation. On leaving Milan for Vienna Irene Maria Ganser’s talent attracted international brands such as Siemens, Chopard, and Alfa Romeo who commissioned her to design on their behalf.
Living and working in Vienna the artist designer finds inspiration for her unique creations being surrounded by a rich tradition of art foundry craftsmanship. Vienna is home to some of the world’s most beautiful examples of metal architecture. Irene Maria Ganser’s personal favourite is the dome of the Viennese Secession Building – an array of golden leaves. Nature is always a key source for her creations, she says, “I look at a tree trunk and I would instantly think what I could do with it and how I could transform it into design.”